Ode to the Road

While I'm still woodshedding during my annual February album writing month, I thought I'd treat you all to a short song I wrote about my longing for the road. It's called "Anywhere Anytime is Fine." Written within an hours time…

Sleep Won't Come 

These last few months..

I had the great pleasure of curating the Lyric section of "Wild Mercury," the 5th edition of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal. The journal, lovingly known as Litjo, is one of the few that recognize lyrics as literature. What a concept! Great thanks to founder and Editrix in Chief, Silver Webb for the opportunity.

I gathered several songwriters whose work I admire in order to create a truly eclectic reading and listening experience. (More on the listening experience soon)  I'm in the good company of  Vicki Genfan (North Carolina, US) Mary Edwards (New York, US), Bill White (Lima, Peru), Tammy Jann (New Hampshire, US) "Njihe" Elle Kokkonen (Inari, Finland) and Michael Debenham (Melbourne, Australia).

Can We Save the Day 

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In the States, we celebrate Independence on July 4th. Sorry Brits, we kicked your ass and formed our own government. I's pretty loaded, isn't it. These days, I kinda fancy the Royals and keep up with breaking news from the Palace.

The Queen said our little experiment wasn't working and she'd be happy to take us back.
We might want to think about it.  :0)

A metaphor for these times...

The video you're about to watch is called "Save Us All" originally written during the deluge of Hurricane Sandy in NYC. In listening back today I realize the lyrics are quite representative of the literal "climate" in our country. Artists…

Back in the Studio!

Happy almost Spring!
Up here in the Catskill Mountains we're still skidding around on slowly melting ice, however the Sun has shifted it's angle just enough to hint at longer, warmer days. Most of you know I LOVE the Winter, but I will enjoy the added sunlight.

New Music coming...
I took the month of February to continue my tradition of writing an albums worth of new songs and wow...I was anointed with some beauties! I'm in March "re-writes" editing and fine tuning the songs I want to re-record first while there's magic in the air.

A treat for you...

Honor amongst Peers 

Enjoy "Take it Easy"  a free download for you today just for dropping by! 

This Month, a feature article in  the French Guitare Sêche Magazine entitled "Le Folk au Feminin," (Women in Folk), has me featured…

See you in Paradise...Santa Barbara California that is!

Santa Barbara Literary Journal Premiers At World Renowned Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum!

I am beyond thrilled to be joining esteemed authors, poets and musicians at this event!
The brainchild of  journalist and author Angela Borda aka Silver Webb has…

Stanley Sucks

Stanley Idaho. Population 68. A small town in Idaho up about 6200 feet in the Sawtooth Mountains. Pristeen, jawdroppingly beautiful. The word on the street (and bumperstickers) is to tell all your friends that Stanley sucks, so developers and hoards…

Here there and Everywhere

Spring has sprung and so have my travels! Just back from Florida, regrouping and off to Idaho, New Mexico, California and Upstate NY. Check out my SHOWS page and if you don't see me in your area,click here to…

2 Albums...4 Nominations!

Sonya Hellers latest album "17 West" and previous album "West 11th Street" have been nominated in four categories by the Just Plain Folks Music Organization.
Out of over 17,000 albums and 240,000 songs in over 70 genres
she has been…

Rockstars and Tech Gear and Besties Oh My!!

The annual AES exhibition at the Javitz Center in NYC, where music companies, techies and musicians from all over the planet flood the aisles with all the latest in audio technology, was a blast. Stevie Wonder browsing all the latest…