Crossroads Mag.-France-The Interview

Crossroads Magazine-"short cuts"- by Tony Grieco 

This charming New York artist has just sent us a new postcard from her city. 

Sonya Heller 

“A Question of Atmosphere…” 

This charming New York artist has just sent us a new postcard from her city. As we know, the atmosphere over there is exceptionally cosmopolitan, and this young woman, listening to the sounds of the city, recreates them for us in a great “melting pop” based on folk music, jazz and a hint of Latin spirit. She spices things up a little in her latest work, West Eleventh Street, by incorporating a subtle rhythmic section and a couple of well-timed saxophone slurs. Listening to her, we settle down without further ado and let ourselves be carried away into the “atmospheric” universe of her voice... 

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Folk au Feminin-Women In Folk by Tony Grieco 

Sonya Heller-All That Jazz

Sonya Heller-All That Jazz 

"Few artists can pull off breathing a jazz feel into Folk music while remaining close to their roots. That's what this New Yorker does with great skill. She dares to venture off the beaten path and convention. It's what makes her work all the more attractive. Endowed with a rich warm voice that flows seamlessly , she peaks our senses with masterful subtlety when delivering very introspective lyrics. Add to that a smooth style on a big folk guitar (Luna) you end up with a truly unique artist.  

The song: "Take It Easy" transports you immediately to the Big Apple with a  groove...  à la "Ricky Lee Jones."  Jubilant...  

Album: Three albums to her credit and all three endearing. Take the suave flavor of her first, "Fourth Floor"  the introspective depth of her most recent "17 West" with the zest of her second, "West Eleventh St."  The cocktail is simply intoxicating."

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Santa Barbara Literary Journal Premier Edition

 PRLog -- By Pat Mallory--Edited by Silver Webb, Laura Hemenway, and Ron Alexander

Sonya Hellers lyrics "Just Another Daydream" appear in SB Litjo's premier issue and is now available on Amazon    

The Santa Barbara Literary Journal is a new biannual publication that will be available on Amazon in both print and kindle format and was inspired by and birthed from the 2017 Santa Barbara Writers Conference which will celebrate its 46th year on the beach in Santa Barbara from June 17th - 22nd. The brainchild of Editrix Silver Webb, the journal features works from conference alumni Yvette Keller, Matt Pallamary, Stuart Orenstein, Janet Rendall, Max Talley, Reina Warnert, Silver Webb, Lisa Lamb, and Sacha Wamsteker.

A number of other talented artists, writers, and musicians are also contributors along with cover art from a painting titled "Making Tomato Paste" by Mary Freericks. 

In this abridged letter from the opening of the journal, editor Silver Webb says, "Who is to say what is literary? In my mind, if it is a story and it is well-written, it's literature. But I find that stories considered genre are often deemed to be a different universe than literary fiction. Just as song lyrics are considered less-than poetry. Is it possible to have a literary werewolf? Would he have to wear a tuxedo and enunciate like Lord Mountbatten before he is considered literary? Can a witch be literary? Only if she goes to Harvard? (Believe me, I've befriended more than one unusual creature with a Ph.D. from that place.) I dislike the idea that literary fiction really means boring fiction, and that it is somehow valued more than anything with a teaspoon of imagination to it. 

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Kaele Magazine-Switzerland-The Interview


"With her folk guitar and a voice that easily moves from Pop to Jazz,  New Yorker  
Sonya Heller is on her way to conquer Europe!"

Kaele: There are some obvious influences in you music (Folk, Jazz vocal and Pop) and a penchant for the exotic like Middle Eastern, Klezmer. Do you see those as personality traits of yours or your identity?   
S.H. I see each album as a journal of my life at a particular moment.This album reflects both my identity and my personality.  Certainly my Russian and Jewish heritage have influenced my style of  writing and singing. There is a dark poetry, a sweet sadness, a tainted joy that emerges out of the souls of a strong and oppressed people. I believe I embody both those qualities thru the voice my Mother and all my ancestors passed on to me. With that I must add the great sensitivity and vision of my Producer, Hui Cox, who has worked with everyone from Richie Havens to Liza Minelli.  

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17 West review-Guitare Seche Magazine-France

"Sonya descends deeply into her Soul, delivering timeless folk with intense vocal force."

No one is served better than by oneself,correct? That being said, instead of waiting around for indecisive and risk-adverse music labels, this New York artist has chosen to self produce her latest album. Hey, isn’t that how music is shared with today’s audiences? Armed with her angelic voice, she gathered recording engineer /producer Brandon Wilde and some friends (Multi-instrumentalist David Patterson, Ryan Drickey on the violin, Pat Wictor on slide guitar, and Nicola Andrioli on the piano) to produce some very cool mixes. She complements those mixes with her signature style of acoustic guitar playing that distinguish her compositions. 

Sonya descends deeply into her Soul, delivering timeless folk with intense vocal force."Enter her ethereal universe through the front gate with “The Mother”—the album’s first title full of subtle harmonies wrapped into soft vibes.  Exit through the “The Gates of Grace” which summarizes so well an album with all the essences of timeless folk music.

-Tony Grieco

On n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même n'est-ce pas ? Alors cette artiste New Yorkaise assumée choisit d'auto produire son nouvel album plutôt que d'attendre le bon vouloir de labels plus ou moins frileux. Ne serait-ce pas la façon la plus moderne de proposer sa musique à un public après tout ? La dame dotée d'une voix d'ange s'est donc lancé dans la production de cette aventure, entourée de quelques experts en prise de son et une poignée de camarades de jeu assurant quelques arrangements subtils, (Ryan Drickey au violon, Pat Wictor à la guitare slide, Nicola Andrioli au piano). Elle assure elle-même les délicates parties de guitare acoustique qui servent d'écrins précieux à ses compositions.

Sonya descend au plus profond d'elle-même pour nous confier ses états d'âme dans la plus grande intimité mais avec une force vocale déterminée et de belles montées d'adrénaline. Entrez par la grande porte dès le premier titre, « The Mother », dans son univers éthéré, habité d'harmonies subtiles et d'ambiances feutrées. En clôture, « The Gates of Grace » pourrait fort bien résumer cet album au(x) parfum(s) de folk intemporel...  

Tony Grieco

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Radio Jazz-France

« West Eleventh St. » de Sonya Heller, on adore! 

Une album remarquable qui mérite notre attention. 

Très récemment signé sur Mosaic Label, Sonya Heller est une artiste aux nombreux talents. Auteur, compositeur, interprète, elle développe un style personnel, qualifié « inclassable » par la presse française. Sa musique, savant mélange de pop-folk-soul, est née des rues new yorkaise. Elle est teintée de sonorités qui nous rappellent Sade, Joan Baez, Carol King.

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W.11th St. review-Rootstime Magazine-Belgium


"Sonya Heller, born in New York City, appears to be conquering the world as a singing and songwriting Joan of Arc, with a guitar in her hand and her voice as a weapon."

France is already at her feet and Belgium will soon follow. For if it rains in Paris, the streets in Brussels will get wet!

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Rolling Stone...The Interview.

Guillaume Fourticq with English translation-Ann Kirchoffer 
Rolling Stone 

"Sonya Heller is very much her own artist and comes alive onstage"

Sonya Heller Nearly three years after her critically-acclaimed first album “Fourth Floor”, Sonya Heller is back with her guitar, her pop-folk inspirations and “West Eleventh Street”. This is the ideal occasion to interview this very discreet artist and to learn a little more about her. 

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