Rockstars and Tech Gear and Besties Oh My!!

The annual AES exhibition at the Javitz Center in NYC, where music companies, techies and musicians from all over the planet flood the aisles with all the latest in audio technology, was a blast. Stevie Wonder browsing all the latest music gear. Jimi Hendrix's longtime engineer Eddie Kramer checking out my dear friend and world renowned studio designer Tay Hoyles latest modular recording booths. Running into countless friends coveting must have home recording units and fully stocked sequencers in  hyper frenzied bank account draining trances. What a whirlwind! Good friends and legendary guitarists  June Millington of Fanny and Vicki Genfan all in the house. Some gear I was diggiin' on...the new Eventide H9 effects unit. It shall be mine very soon :0)

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