Sleep Won't Come 

These last few months..

I had the great pleasure of curating the Lyric section of "Wild Mercury," the 5th edition of the Santa Barbara Literary Journal. The journal, lovingly known as Litjo, is one of the few that recognize lyrics as literature. What a concept! Great thanks to founder and Editrix in Chief, Silver Webb for the opportunity.

I gathered several songwriters whose work I admire in order to create a truly eclectic reading and listening experience. (More on the listening experience soon)  I'm in the good company of  Vicki Genfan (North Carolina, US) Mary Edwards (New York, US), Bill White (Lima, Peru), Tammy Jann (New Hampshire, US) "Njihe" Elle Kokkonen (Inari, Finland) and Michael Debenham (Melbourne, Australia).

My personal contribution is called "Sleep Won't Come," a dark and mysterious piece written for piano and cello.There's a disturbance in the air echoed by lyrics that depict a profound state of unrest. It predates Covid19. Perhaps an eerie foreboding of the times?

Take a listen. Ponder. Repeat as needed. Your comments/feedback are very welcome! This is a work in progress.

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Sending you all love, strength and hope,