One Road, One Ride

I've been writing behind the scenes as of late from my studio in upstate New York. Surrounded by the glorious colors of Fall, basking in the final warmth of a paler Sun, breathing deeply the scents of mushroom and pine as we begin our descent into Winters den. 

I do a lot of driving up here in the mountains. I take raw footage from my dashboard when I'm moved by the passing scene. Some of it's really cool. Jumpy, bumpy, smooth, just as you would experience while driving. 

I also write a lot of instrumental pieces that beg for scenery. Hence the thought came to me..."One road, one ride"  My music hitched up to my roadside footage. 
Low and behold "Dashboard Productions" was born! This first one is a piano improvisation I call "Portal 1."
Multi-instrumentalist, Adam Phillips, added a woodwind called Xiao, layered with a drone instrument called a shruti box. A beautiful collaboration.

So welcome to the first of several releases from the One Road, One Ride series!

Footage filmed while driving down Bethlehem Road on a sunny Autumn afternoon. Take a few minutes to chill and come along for the ride.