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Can We Save the Day

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Can we save the day with a little kindness, less fighting, more prayer. Sonya's funky jazzy finger picking, full band with killer sax.
"If I had a crystal ball, would I really know it all?"


Can We Save the Day-words and music by Sonya Heller ©2013 Sonya Heller Music-ASCAP
Verse I
If I had a crystal ball
Would I really know it all
Could I find the words to say
Anyway anyway
Could I save the day?
Could I save the day
Could I save the day
Today, today, mmm

Verse II
We are blades of grass
Blowin’ in the wind
With iron wills
And nerves of steel
Fighting for a dream
Fighting for a dream
to keep it real
But can we save the day
Can we save the day
Can we save the day
Today whoa today
With a little kindness,ohyeah
Can we stop the fighting oh yeah
Do a little prayin’, AMEN
Do a little prayin’ AMEN
Amen, amen a-a-a-a-amen amen
Don’t worry about tomorrow
Time is only borrowed
So go ahead, go ahead and
Lay away your sorrows
Today, is only yesterdays
Today, we’ll find a way
Today the sun will stay
Today vamp and out