1. The Door

From the recording 17 West

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The Door

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Folk Americana-guitar, accordian, slide, lush harmonies.
A small town love struck girl is promised marriage and a life of adventure by a hustler. Her eyes fixed on the door to the train for her man who never returns. "You said that you would come for me, you'd be there on the 3:15"


The Door-©2013-Sonya Heller Music ASCAP
Verse I
The train it came I watched as
One by one The lovers ran
Into each others arms
My eyes fixed on The door
For just one more hopin’ ‘gainst hope
That you would still show
Just like the last time
And the time before
‘til the last train left the station
And the whistle blew
2X’a Wooh ooh ooh
Verse II
You said that you would
Come for me
You’d be there on the 3:15
I wore my Sunday dress
The one you liked to unzip at night When you laid me down
And said you’d marry me
The next time ‘round
And you’d take me away
From this hell hole town
And the whistle blow

4x’s Wooh.,hoo hoo
Yeah the whistle blow

The Church girls always ask me when you gonna settle down. I say when the right boy comes along.
Don’t wait forever
(4 x’s) For the time will pass you by
Verse III and out
The train it came
I watched as one by one
The lovers ran
Into each others arms
My eyes fixed on the door
For just one more, just one more.
The train it came, the train it came.The next one came, and the next one came
The train the train…