1. Save Us All

From the recording 17 West

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Save Us All

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A sweeping cinematic reflection composed as Hurricane Sandy unleashed her fury in New York City.
"The floodgates lost their pride, they broke and opened wide, and memories came floating by, photographs and Grandmas lullabies"


Save Us All-Sonya Heller Music ©2012
Verse I
We watched the rising tide
The moon she lit the sky
She kissed us with her warm good bye
Hailed the wind and set
The sky on fire
She set the night on fire (2 x’s)
Verse II
The flood gates lost their pride
They broke and opened wide
And memories came floating by
Photographs and Grandmas lullabies
Oh…Save us all …Save us all
Verse III
The buildings once stood tall
They laughed at natures call
They built monoliths and concrete walls
But as we rise so shall we fall
As we rise, so shall we fall
Oh….Save us all …Save us all
Music bridge
Verse IV
I pray for brighter days
Your pain be cast away
The sun to shine and dry your eyes
And know that sometimes mercy comes disguised…
Oh know that mercy comes disguised
In wisdom from the wise
Thru Mother Natures eyes
In wisdom from the wise
Like Grandmas lullabies
Grandmas lullabies
To save us all
Save us all