From the recording West Eleventh Street

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Which Way Is Home – Sonya Heller

My Sweet Linda
Where ya gone?
Are you finally home
Where the warm sweet sun
Can soothe you
and rest your worn down soul.

Verse 1
She wandered from town to town
Bar to bar
Chasing broken dreams
With a broken heart

Empty trails of phone calls
Never long enough
But long enough to tell you
She was lost and on her own

Which way is Home from here
Tell me which way is home from here
From here, from here.

Verse 2
Something' bout her Daddy dyin'
so long ago
the night he went and fetched her
in the pouring rain

An' Momma never wanted kids anyway
No one could convince her
she was not
the one to blame...

Which way is home
Which way is home
Is home, is home, is home...

Sweet Linda
Where you gone
are you finally home
where the warm sweet sun
can hold you
and rest your worn out soul

(Vamp out vocally, lots of layers, call and response on
Warm sweet sun,
come home,
rest your soul
In Love
In peace
In joy
And end with:
Angels come to take you home