1. Take it Easy

From the recording West Eleventh Street

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Take it Easy Written by: Sonya Heller
Verse 1
Got a dime in my pocket
And places to go
Johnny Cash singing hard times
On the radio
But it's a bright sunny day
September in NY
I was rushin' to get nowhere
when the Gypsy woman spoke
Take it easy, take your time (2x’s)
Verse 2
All that thinkin'
Got you spinning around
"Bout what you should you
should not, what you should
be doin' now.
Why don't you sit on the corner and have another cup
Of that rich black coffee that
makes you feel so good?
Take it Easy, take your time (2x’s)
Got buses, cars, trains, babies screamin', loud speakers, ambulances..
G-d I need a break!!
Verse 3
Oh, G-d, this must mean something.
and I know Johnny knows
'cause he's sittin' on the
corner with his boys and radio
He got a dime in his pocket
That he don't really need
Cause all that really matters now is takin in the breeze..
Take it easy, take your time (2x’s)
Verse 4
Keep it open, and life will come to you
If you would just stop thinkin'
What you should you should not do
You got a dime in you pocket
All these places to go
Why don't you sit on the corner
Come on,sit on the corner
Baby, sit on the corner and
think about it some more.:')