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No Questions Asked

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Written a few years back. Some songs need to gestate before they're ready to come out. This seed has grown...
A deep love that walks with you, permeating your every thought. Someone who holds the key to your heart. Are they here, or do you still long for them?


No Questions Asked-©2017 Sonya Heller Music-ASCAP

Long day slow start
My breath is scented by a kiss that lingered far into the night air
Salt sea
Jasmine layered longings
Always draw you back to me

One thought one glance
a mindless slip and then the hours pass
while hands keep working on mundane tasks
and in the Sacred Silence there are
no questions asked

I would gladly trade the everyday for one more chance
but on this path of parallels
there are no questions asked
no questions asked
no questions…